Recycling Specifications

The following are Specifications for Recyclable Items:

  • Motor Blocks - Pan & filter must be removed
  • Ballasts must be removed from light fixtures
  • Oil & Fuel Tanks must be clean and open 1 ft hole
  • Cable must be cut into 3ft lengths, or bound neatly
  • Vehicles must have Titles, or acceptable paperwork

Call for Info on these Items:

Scrap Categories

  • Clean Cast- clean cast machinery or parts
  • #1 Prepared- must be 1/4 in or thicker and 3ft by 18inches or smaller in size.
  • #2 Prepared- must be 1/8 in to 1/4 in thick and 3ft by 18 inches or smaller in size.
  • Unprepared- 1/8 inch or larger in thickness and larger than 3ft by 18 inches in size.
  • Tin- sheet metal, fencing, appliances,(refrigerators/freezers - Call for Info), etc.

Oregon Law Requires

In order to recycle a vehicle, one of the following items is required by law:

  • Title signed off by legal owner(s)
  • DMV Print out w/ Application for Replacement Title; Bill of Sale
  • Lien and Foreclosure
  • NOTE: If vehicle is Out of State, a Bill of Sale is Required

You also must have a valid DMV drivers license or Identification Card from Oregon or Washington, when selling all metals for recycling.

Please call on any questions about these items!