Metal Recycling Services

We currently service the metal recycling needs of our customers in the Portland, OR metro area, and throughout Oregon and Washington. We make it easy and profitable for businesses to properly and safely recycle their scrap metal. Our service level is very high; same-day and next-day service is available for our drop box customers. Here is a list of services available:

  • Drop Box Service
  • Portable Baling
  • Self-loading Truck with grapple/magnet
  • Flat-bed hauling & End-dump Service

Our recycling facilities receive a high level of traffic from all types of businesses engaged in metal recycling throughout Oregon and Washington: Electrical Companies, Plumbing Companies, Demolition Companies, Thrift Stores, Construction, Steel Companies, Siding and Windows, Welding Shops, Heating/A-C companies, School Districts, Machine Shops, Farms, Irrigation, Roofing, and many more!!!

Consumer Recycling Services

We have many customers that haul us all sorts of metal from home projects/cleanups, throughout the Portland, OR area, and Western/Eastern Oregon and Washington.

Drop box services are available, please email: for information

Items Recycled:

  • Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass
  • Copper
  • Aluminum
  • Lead, etc.

**To schedule recycling drop off for your business or for more than seven items, please contact Joe or Hank at 503-657-5593**