Building Bridges One Car at a Time

May 1, 2013

Recycling Auto Parts Builds Bridges

Portland Oregon Bridges - photo by Stuart Seeger
Photo by Stuart Seeger

Living in Portland - a.k.a Bridgetown - have you ever considered that the bridges you cross every day may be made from recycled parts of a car your family used to own?

While Portland only has one "Steel Bridge" all its bridges - from the I-205 over the Columbia River to where the Ross Island bridge crosses the Willamette -contain significant amounts of steel.

Here’s how a car goes from being on the road to in the road:
1. Old or broken down car is sold for scrap.
2. Any hazardous materials are removed and then the car is shredded.
3. The shredded scraps are melted down and turned into steel beams.
4. The steal beams are used in the construction of a new bridge.

Turn your old clunker into a new bridge. Recycle your auto parts at the R.S. Davis Recycling's Gresham and Clackamas locations.