Building Your House With Steel

Sep 2, 2014

Using steel in industrial settings has become a norm, but how does steel fit into your home? Surprisingly enough using steel in your home can help make it more durable and also less expensive in the long run. It takes more than 40 trees to build a wood framed home, while it only takes about 4 recycled steel cars to frame the typical 2,000 sq. ft. house.

But framing your house isn’t the only place you can use steel. Traditional asphalt roofs weigh twice as much as steel roofs and last up to 30 years less. On average steel roofs last 50 years or more and provide excellent protection from wind, water, snow, ice, hail and even fire. Doors made out of steel are also fireproof and in many cases intruder proof as steel doors offer 10 times more protection than wooden doors.

Photo by Pulpolux

If you need any more convincing that steel-framed homes are a good alternative, they are also impervious to termites and won’t crack, warp, twist, rot, split or settle. This the perfect choice for longevity, but if you ever decide to demolish the house the steel can be recycled again! That’s more than can be said about the wood.