National Data Privacy Day

Jan 28, 2014

Shredding & Recycling Office Paper at R.S. Davis Oregon

In honor of National Data Privacy Day, we want to highlight another form of recycling that is important for both businesses and individuals. Secure document shredding is a simple way to recycle, but also ensure that personal information is protected. Though many companies are going paperless these days, there is still plenty of information that can be stolen from your day-to-day garbage or old documents.

Last week R.S. Davis Recycling did a little spring-cleaning, and thanks to our good friends at EnviroShred NW, we were able free up some room at the office. All our documents were picked up onsite, and we feel secure knowing it was all destroyed professionally. In addition to professional shredding, we also shred on-site and use password protection. We encourage you all to do the same!

To learn more about National Data Privacy Day visit or check out EnviroShred NW's blog post on secure paper shredding. Get answers to all your scrap metal recycling questions - contact us today.